What happened to Iranian Languages and Scripts?

There used to be an excellent web site called Iranian Languages & Scripts (IL&S) at http://iranianlanguages.com, but there has been nothing at this address for several months now. This site had introductory information, samples of writing, and bibliographies for all the languages of the Iranian language family, as well as some good articles on the history of the Iranian language, and on-line texts from the Avesta. If anyone knows a new address for this web site please leave a note with the new URL in the comments at the end of this post.

New information! (April 5, 2007) An archive copy of IL&S is available at:

While the site was still operating I downloaded the following very informative web pages:

4/26/07 Note: It appears that someone hacked the server in my home office where I put these files, so it may be a while before they are accessible again.

Indo-european family of languages

Middle Iranian Langauges & Scripts

Middle Persian Language & Scripts

Sample of Middle Persian

Sogdian Language & Scripts

Sample of Sogdian Language

New Iranian Languages & Scripts

Dialects of Tajikistan

Bibliography of Tajiki Dialects

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