Online Tajik and Pashto lessons!

The Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region at Indiana University has just made on-line reading and listening lessons in Tajiki, Pashto, Mongolian, and Uyghur freely available via their Intermediate Level Reading and Listening Project.

There are ten lessons for each language. These lessons are based on original or adapted texts focused on some aspect of each culture. The texts are presented in the national orthography along with a sound file of a native speaker reading the text. There are other learning aids provided as well and podcasts of some of the materials are also avialable for download. In addition, introductory textbooks, dictionaries and other language learning aids for these languages are available via this link:

In the future, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Turkmen, and Azerbaijani lessons will be added.

I just took a look at the first Tajik lesson and was quite impressed!

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