Last Saturday we visited the site of sixth-century stone carvings about an hour south of Chennai. It’s a striking testament to the creators’ artistry, technical ingenuity, and sheer dedication. Local craftsmen still carry on the tradition of granite carvings.

Entrance plaque

Entrance plaque

Shore Temple

Shore Temple

This lion was carved in the style of a Chinese dragon:


This smaller temple, next to the one pictured above, was unknown until a wave generated by the 2004 tsunami revealed the top of it. The rest was excavated thereafter:


Mahabalipuram boasts many more monuments, but we made for the adjacent beach to escape the heat, instead:

A honeymooning couple invited us to join them in the surf.

A honeymooning couple invited us to join them in the surf.


Drinking fresh coconut milk:


A few more deft machete chops …


and you have fresh coconut meat:


And we were on our way back to Chennai …

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